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Iranian research team develops system offering a touch of reality in cyberspace

Iranian research team develops system offering a touch of reality in cyberspace
ID : N-28 Date : 2017/05/14 - 15:03

Persia Digest- Making use of virtual reality techniques, researchers at Tehran University’s Science and Technology Park have developed a system capable of offering a fresh taste of Online Virtual Reality (OVR) in cyberspace.

The project manager, Kamdin Haji-Mirzaee told Iran Students News Agency (ISNA) that the new technology is applicable of developing different online simulators based on cyberspace standards with no need to install support software. As an advanced version of the micro image processing engine, the new technology facilitates “call to action” on picture elements, movement and spinning, and 3-D acceleration of image details with a simple click. That’s according to Haji-Mirzaee who also said those functions help with implementing animation projects within real and virtual spaces. 

The Iranian researcher noted that the new technology’s software offers users the chance to be present at an another place and simulate their commodities and spaces online. 

“As an example, auto manufacturers can use this technology to display their cars, by uploading a sample picture on their webpage. Then using our system, we can simulate the car so that by simply clicking on the photos, online users can, for instance, open the car door, and turn the headlights on and off,” Hajizadeh explained.

The project developer added that the innovation has led to the introduction of a “3-D Online Store”, where shoppers can walk through on the web, click on products and browse and check them, enjoying the “spinning” and “zooming” options.

One other product offered through the OVR technology, according to Haji-Mirzaee, is the Zero-Hour system, in which there are virtual towns, where every member has their own house and can be exposed to television programs, while walking around on the streets to do shopping.

A combination of real and virtual spaces has also created a half-real animated town, in which a shopping mall’s structure could be designed while the interior space is real.

The system, Haji-Mirzaee said, can be applied in any industry which seeks to simulate its products and showcase them to visitors and customers online. “The earlier versions in the same field used to offer only pictures in a globe-shaped 360-degree format, while this one provides users with the opportunity to interact with the environment, such as by entering a company’s displayed automobile after a single click.”  

In addition to the fact that the new technology is not dependent upon support software, it is also optimized for different internet speed levels. Other advantages, the Iranian researcher says, are adaptability to extra-large screens, options for background and action audio insertion as well as merging with additional real spaces.


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