Iran tasked by WHO to supply regional polio vaccine demand

Iran tasked by WHO to supply regional polio vaccine demand
ID : N-31 Date : 2017/05/16 - 13:26


Iran will be producing the regional supply for polio vaccination after the World Health Organization, WHO, asked the country to take up the mission. That’s according to the director of the Pasteur Institute of Iran, one of the country's top research and advanced medical manufacturing centers.  

Dr. Mostafa Qane’i made the announcement at a ceremony in Tehran, where his institute and science-based pharmaceutical company, Shafa Daru signed a memorandum of understanding on a joint production project of polio vaccines.

Qane’i told the attendees, one of whom Iran’s Minister for Health, Treatment and Medical Education, that WHO selected Iran for the mission because of the polio-endemic spots in its vicinity, namely Pakistan and Afghanistan. The two countries have been put on high alert levels by WHO. Officials also say the world body assigned Iran because it enjoys the necessary infrastructure for a mass polio vaccination production.

The director of the Pasteur Institute of Iran further noted that the center is in close cooperation with Shafa Daru (affiliated with Bank Melli Iran) and the two will soon launch the production line. "The inactivated vaccine will be injected into the country’s immunization system to replace the oral polio vaccine according to the schedule," Qane'i announced.


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