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Tesla and Volvo seek out 10-year old Iranian inventor


The young 10-year old Iranian boy, Hossein Atayi Sangrudi from Karaj has already 16 inventions in his portfolio. Six of these are in the process of being registered. His inventions include the VTOL three-modality drones, gunboats, office furniture, miniature sprayer, multipurpose control for smart TVs, and so on.

Iran, US should opt long term relations


In an interview with Persia Digest, Adib-Moghaddam said: It is imperative that Iran gets even closer to the EU, not least to keep the communication with Washington going, and to minimize misperceptions.

German Schiller Group Concert in Tehran


The German Schiller Group Concert is taking place in Tehran for the first time. Christopher von Deylen, will be traveling to Tehran with his Group for the first time in mid-December to stage a concert at the Hall of the Ministry of the Interior over two nights on 11-12 December, at 21h30.  

Cooking Tour for Persian dishes


Two young girls by the names of Shirin Tahanan and Matin Lashkari are the initiators of a delicious cooking tour in Tehran. Shirin cooks and Matin organizes the tour.  

New find in Persepolis


The newly discovered gates in Persepolis will soon be turned into a museum site once all the protective and safety measures have been completed.

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Zarif digs on Israeli nuclear warheads


Iranian Prime Minister, Javad Zarif, has posted a tweet addressed to the Stockholm International Peace Research Institute (SIPRI): “There are at least 80 nuclear warheads stationed in the Middle East. None are in Iran; rather, they're at the fingertips of a warmonger who howls incessantly about fabricated Iranian “ambitions”. Time for an overdue debate on the real threat to the region & beyond.”  

Rouhani: Tehran will stand by Doha


In a telephone conversation with the Emir of Qatar Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad Al Thani on Monday, President Hassan Rouhani expressed hope that Tehran and Doha can make the best of the many capacities they have to promote trade between the two countries.  

Reactions to Netanyahu's plans for Iran


Some time ago, Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu sent a video message about the water crisis in Iran, saying: “Israel has the knowledge to stop an environmental crisis in Iran and I want to share this with the people of Iran.” He pointed to the launch of a website and a telegram channel in Persian to fight the water crisis in Iran, and stated: “Israel is with the Iranian people and I want to save the lives of many of them.”

Iran rep in OPEC: Will veto Saudi proposal


Bloomberg reports that Iran says Venezuela and Iraq will join it in blocking a proposal to increase oil production that’s backed by Saudi Arabia and Russia when OPEC and its allies meet in Vienna this week.

7000-Year old civilization discovered in Bushehr


A historical site belonging to the fifth millennium BCE has been discovered in Iran’s southern Boushehr Province recently. Experts were sent to the area by the Cultural Heritage Department here following pottery finds by the locals.