FM Zarif implicit answer to Amano

FM Zarif implicit answer to Amano
ID : N-308 Date : 2017/09/13 - 15:30

(Persia digest)-  The Director General of the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA), Yukiya Amano, had announced a few days ago that there was no difference between visiting military sites and nuclear sites in Iran if necessary. On the sidelines of a visit to Russia by the Iranian Foreign Minister, in response to a question on this matter the FM said: ‘The framework of the Additional Protocol as well as the JCPOA framework, only places where there is a possibility of nuclear activity can be visited. Iran has fully complied on undeclared activities on the basis of IAEA reports.

The Iranian Foreign Minister added: ‘In Paragraph 74 of Appendix 1 of JCPOA it has been emphasized that no visits can be the pretext of finding out the country’s secrets.’

Zarif also explained his goals for traveling to Russia, pointing to increased cooperation between Tehran and Moscow in various fields, including economic and political spheres. He reiterated: ‘We need to review and upgrade these collaborations.’ He also pointed out to recent policies pursued by the US regarding JCPOA and stressed on the need for cooperation and coordination between the two countries (Iran and Russia), and said: ‘Thus far, good coordination has been achieved and the two countries have supported each other's positions in international organizations.’

He added: ‘Russia has been very supportive of JCPOA.’ He said Iran and Russia face mutual challenges of which the regional problems are very important.

Iran’s top diplomat also mentioned the cooperation between Iran and Russia regarding the Syrian crisis and fighting terrorism in the region: ‘In good cooperation between Iran, Russia and Turkey, the situation in this country has also improved on the political scene and we have been able to reduce tensions in this region to some extent. Therefore, one of the issues we will be discussing on this trip are regional problems and the need for more coordination to solve the Syrian crisis.’

Javad Zarif traveled to Russia with a delegation on Wednesday morning. The deputy to the FM for the Arab-Africa desk is accompanying Zarif on this trip.


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