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Foreign companies at 11th Iran Plast Exhibition

Foreign companies at 11th Iran Plast Exhibition
ID : N-362 Date : 2017/09/25 - 15:38

(Persia digest)- The 11th Specialized Petroleum and Petrochemical Industry Exhibition has opened in Tehran with an increasing number of foreign companies attending as compared to its previous editions.

IRNA reports that these companies are attending the exhibition to cooperate with the Petrochemical Industry of Iran, transfer technology, and sell their products. Among these, Europeans stand out with 16 companies taking part here.

Belgium, Denmark, Switzerland, German, Finland, France, Greece, India, Serbia, Italy, S Korea, and Austria are among the countries who have set up their stands at the exhibition. Switzerland is one of the companies with a knowhow in the petrochemical industry that has increasingly expanded into Iran following Iran’s JCPOA nuclear agreement with P5+1.

Rainer Klaus, regional sales director for the Middle East and Africa at IMDvista has said that this is their second presence at the fair and their main goal is to find new clients and get new orders here. But, their medium-term objective is to make contact with Iranian companies and strengthen their position on Iran's petrochemicals market.

The number of companies at the fair this year rose to 600 for Iranian companies and 524 for foreign companies, showing an increase of 21% and 39% respectively.

The 11th Specialized Petroleum and Petrochemical Industry Exhibition Iran Plast will run from 24-27 September at Tehran international permanent fair grounds, showcasing the four groups of raw materials, manufactured and semi-manufactured products, machinery fand equipment, and services.


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