Mercedez comes to Iran

Mercedez comes to Iran
ID : N-305 Date : 2017/09/13 - 11:38

(Persia digest)-  Iran Khodro Automotive and the German Mercedez Benz have signed a joint venture contract for the sales and after-sales services of commercial vehicles. The contract for two other joint ventures will also be finalized in the coming months.

The contract signed today includes the sales and after-sales services of commercial vehicles. The joint venture company will exclusively be responsible for selling Mercedes Benz commercial vehicles.

The second company, the contract for which will be finalized next month, will be responsible for the production of current and future generations of Actros trucks. Current Actros trucks have been produced until 2019 and a new generation will be produced as from 2019 based on the latest European standards. A new production line has also been foreseen for the next stage.

It is planned for the joint venture production in Iran to reach 20% in the first year, and increase to 30-50% if economically feasible.

According to this report, need assessments for new products and the replacement of current products is planned in the joint venture between Iran Khodro and Daimler Germany. The other company is also negotiating the engine production between Iran Khodro Diesel and Daimler Co, and its task will be to produce new engines based on market needs in the new joint venture.

Mercedes Benz is the top brand of commercial vehicles worldwide and signing a joint venture contract with Iran Khodro represents investment security in Iran.


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