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Woman entrepreneur   (photos)
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Woman entrepreneur (photos)

Akram Khosravi was born in 1984. She lives in Anjudan village in Arak Markazi Province, to the southwest of Tehran. She has two children. When her husband was made redundant thirteen years ago, she suggested that they open up a local traditional flat bread bakery. The young couple launched their business together; two years later, when they were back on their feet, they also managed to employ two more people.  

The art of wickers as old as time itself   (photos)
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The art of wickers as old as time itself (photos)

The art of weaving wickers in Sistan is one of the oldest Iranian hand arts practiced among the Baluchi people and other parts of southeastern Iran. A variety of plants grow in the southeastern climate of Iran, next to wetlands and marshes. This has led to the flourishing of various wicker products in this region. The plants sprout in the first month of spring and grow until the end of the summer