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Magic mirrors  (photos)
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Magic mirrors (photos)

Shirin Abedinirad is an Iranian artist who explores the art of mirrors and reflections. Through her two series "Evocation" and "Heaven on Earth", she installs tips and stairs of mirrors in the heart of the desert of Iran or in a city of Italy. This gives a beautiful juxtaposition of two elements: the earth and the sky. She considers mirrors as a symbol of water.  

Celebrating water and light in Ardabil  (photos)
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Celebrating water and light in Ardabil (photos)

The people of Ardabil Province, northwestern Iran, spend the last Wednesday of the year on the river banks to celebrate the ancient custom of reviving everything that is old and counting their blessings. This revival of life is an old custom welcoming spring which is observed on the morning of Chaharshanbeh Suri every year. Historians indicate that the date has been moved with the passage of time, but the custom of celebrating water and light remains strong among its keepers, when young and old go to the river banks to celebrate the coming of the New Year.  

Spring cleaning  (photos)
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Spring cleaning (photos)

Spring cleaning is an old custom practiced from old days during the last two months of the year to start spring and Nowruz across Iran. By approaching the New Year, the people of Tehran also get rid of the old dust in their home and clean it from top to bottom. The carpets, curtains, windows, and walls are all washed. Wardrobes are cleared out and bookshelves are dusted as a routine spring cleaning for Nowruz.    

Solar power plant opens in Qeshm  (photos)
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Solar power plant opens in Qeshm (photos)

The 10-megawatt solar power plant opened with the presence of the Italian Ambassador to Iran and a number of national and regional directors on Qeshm Island. The first solar power plant in Hormozgan Province officially opened on Qeshm Island with the presence of deputies and directors of Satba, the Italian Ambassador to Iran, Qeshm Free Zone directors, and other regional officials.

Amazing nature of Kul Chap  (photos)
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Amazing nature of Kul Chap (photos)

The virgin land of Kul Chap is located at 80th km of the Khorramabad-Pol-e Zal freeway. It is the habitat of Kaiser's spotted newt and is filled with oak treas. Numerous small and large step-like waterfalls, and many ponds create eye-catching landscapes. After the opening of the Khorramabad-Pol-e Zal freeway, Kul Chap, as one of the tourist destinations of Lorestan Province and Pol-e Dokhtar city, is visited by thousands of tourists annually. Besides the beautiful scenery, it is the habitat of Kaiser's spotted newt.

Welcoming springtime  (photos)
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Welcoming springtime (photos)

Just before springtime and Nowruz in Iran in the old days, folk singers use to go round the houses in the villages of Gorgan, capital of Golestan Province by the Caspian Sea in northeastern Iran, to give the good news of spring coming in their songs and be rewarded with presents and gifts of cash.  

Amazing mine with therapeutic properties (photos)
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Amazing mine with therapeutic properties (photos)

Kouhdasht-e Kohan salt mine in Garmsar is one of the most beautiful salt mines in the world, with 80,000 tons of salt extracted annually. Garmsar borders Firoozkooh and Damavand from the north, Semnan from the east, the Salt Desert and Qom from the south, and Varamin from the west. This area has long been known as one of the main sources of salt in the country for its huge salt mines. It is situated on the Silk Road.  

Lake Urmia comes back to life  (photos)
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Lake Urmia comes back to life (photos)

With increasing rainfall in recent days and the release of some of the dams’ water in the drainage basin of Lake Urmia, the water level of this lake has risen. According to the head of Lake Urmia Restoration Program’s provincial office, the water level of Lake Urmia has now reached 1,170 meters and 68 centimeters, which is four centimeters more than the same time last year and 37 centimeters more than the beginning of the current water year.  

Asking for rain on Nowruz eve  (photos)
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Asking for rain on Nowruz eve (photos)

The customary ceremonies of “Kusseh galin” and “Chamcheh galin” have been held in the Abshineh village of Hamedan Province in Iran, from old times praying for rain. “Kkusseh gardi” or “Kusseh bar neshastan” is a custom celebrated just before Nowruz with roots in the Sassanid period and before that. “Kusseh” is a figure bringing news of Nowruz, spring, joy, and a revival of nature, and known as a good omen by ancient people.