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The love of a rooftop hobby  (photos)
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The love of a rooftop hobby (photos)

These days, keeping homing pigeons is little by little becoming a sport. Next week will see the first round of pigeon racing in Iran. Keeping homing pigeons, which has also come to be known as “lovemaking” in popular culture, is an old hobby in Iran. Although a starting date cannot be set for it, but historic evidence shows that Iranians have taken to this hobby from ancient times for various reasons.

The ancient myth of Hashtrud  (photos)
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The ancient myth of Hashtrud (photos)

With a history of over 3000 years, Zahhāk Fort stands on Monfared Peak as an important monument of Parthian and Sassanid times. Zahhāk Fort is near Hashtrud town, East Azerbaijan. Standing at an altitude of 2300 meters, it is a must see historic site, going back in time [from Zahhāk to Anahita] from Parthian-Sassanid eras. It has borne many names throughout history, from Zahak Ezdehak, Qiz Qalasi, Dash Qalasi, Ru’i Fort, and Gu’i Castle. Zahhāk Fort was first researched and studied by a German archaeological delegation in 1971.  

World’s largest salt dome  (photos)
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World’s largest salt dome (photos)

The salt dome in Bushehr Province is the largest and most beautiful salt dome in Iran and the Middle East. The salt dome of Bushehr province is located 144 kilometers southeast of Bushehr Port and 64 kilometers from Khormoj city; it is considered to be the largest and most beautiful salt dome in the world. The area of the dome is about 3,666 hectares, the height of the summit is 1,490 meters above sea level, and its minimum height from the sea level is 70 meters.  

Binalud wind-power plant  (photos)
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Binalud wind-power plant (photos)

The Binalud wind-power plant is an important new energy power plant in Iran with 43 turbines and a 28.2 MW capacity. The power plant is in northeastern Iran, on the Mashhad-Neishabur road. The project for the plant began in 2002 and it had 43 turbines by 2007. The power plant has been built by the Renewable Energy Organization of Iran (SUNA) with the participation of companies from Germany and Denmark.