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Iranian girls before and after the revolution   (photos)
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Iranian girls before and after the revolution (photos)

Before the 1979 revolution in Iran, wearing the hijab was not compulsory for women under the Pahlavi Dynasty. Following the revolution, the Founder of the Islamic Republic, Imam Khomeini, raised the topic of the Islamic hijab in 1980 and it became a compulsory outfit for women in public. The Russian Sputnik News Agency has compared the hijab before and after the revolution in the following photographs.

Life is short and time is swift  (photos)
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Life is short and time is swift (photos)

As he came home from school every day, he would remove the bolster from the wall, pick up a black pencil and write everything he had learned that day on the wall behind it. He returned the bolster to its place hurriedly as soon as his mother returned home and continued with his homework. Once, in the beginning of autumn, grandfather had tried to put the chimney flute in place in the wall

Alborz Chain of Mountains  (photos)
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Alborz Chain of Mountains (photos)

Alborz is the name of Iran’s northern chain of mountains and its highest peak, Davamand - measuring 5671 meters. Alborz, or Iran’s northern chain of mountains, is 950kms long spreading over an area of 51 500 square kilometers, or around 3% of the country’s surface area. It is a part of the great folds of the Alps and Himalayas.  

Pir Shaliar   (photos)
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Pir Shaliar (photos)

The Pir Shaliar celebrations take place in Uraman (Huraman) village, Kurdistan Province, in western Iran twice a year, in mid-spring and mid-winter. Pir (saint/magi) Shaliyar (vizier), is believed to have cured a princess and married her, the ceremony marks their marriage []. The celebrations take place over three days and includes the sacrifice of sheep, singing, dancing, daf playing, praying, and reciting poetry. A special legume and vegetables soup is also made for the evening.