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Lag  (music)

Lag (music)

Artist: Mong Band Album: Eqlim [Territory] Genre: Rock/National Year: 2017   (Persia Digest) – The track “Lag” from the album Eqlim [Territory] is performed with unconventional tunings of the guitar. It is also inspired by the music of the orient and shows the high potential of the music in this part of the world to be played with the guitar as a fusion with music from other parts of the world.

Ravi [Narrator]   (music)

Ravi [Narrator] (music)

Artist: Golfam Khayyam Album: Ravi [Narrator] Genre: Classical/New Age Year: 2011   (Persia Digest) - Ravi [Narrator] is an album by Golfam Khayyam, player of acoustic guitar in the Clasical/New Age genre. In parts, it is accompanied with the lute playing of Siavash Roshan that takes it peeping into oriental music. 

Shekar [Hunt]    (music)

Shekar [Hunt] (music)

Artist: Mehdi Saki  Album: Kamakan [Still] Genre: Fusion Year: 2015   (Persia Digest) – “Kamakan” is performed by Mehdi Saki. It is a fusion of music from southern Iran, the Spanish flamenco, and a poem by Molana. Using diverse instruments is a special feature of this piece. The cello and clarinet, alongside percussion instruments from West Asia, and Flamenco instruments such as the cajon and guitar have all been charmingly combined together.

Turbulence  (music)

Turbulence (music)

Artist: Soheil Hosnavi Album: Turbulence Composer: Soheil Hosnavi Genre: Persian Classic Year: 2015   (Persia Digest) – Turbulence has been composed by Soheil Hosnavi. It is in fact a piece inspired by the new wave of dulcimer playing initiated by Ardavan Kamkar. The combination of a bass guitar and the Udo drum has given the piece a new color and rhythm.

Trio  (music)

Trio (music)

Artists : Milad Derakhshani - Mesbah Ghamsari - Babak Safarnejhad Album: Single track Composer: Milad Derakhshan Genre : Fusion Year  : 2016   (Persia Digest)-  Trio is a group of three musicians. This piece has been composed by Milad Derakhshani and arranged for the instruments of tar, bamkaman, and the harmonica. It is a nested piece with complex rhythm patterns giving it much stimulus. Bamkaman is in fact a type of bass kamancheh which has replaced the bass guitar here. The three melodic instruments give this piece a varied space and ambience.

Toroshroo (music)

Toroshroo (music)

Artist  : Darkub Band Singer: Ali Zande vakil Single Track Genre: Folk & Jazz (Persia Digest)-  The piece Torshroo is a passionate, creative fusion of Shirazi folk music and jazz. Jazz has such unlimited borders that it can be combined with any genre of music. Darkub Band is basically a percussions group. In this piece, they have combined instruments, such as the drums, bass guitar, and the Latino conga drum, with the sorna which is an instrument native to Iran. By doing so, they have created a new space and ambience in Persian folk music.


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