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Ceremonies    (music)

Ceremonies (music)

Artist: Armen Chakmakian Album: Ceremonies Genre: Fusion/Pop Year: 2002   (Persia Digest) - The “Ceremonies” track, from an album by the same name, is a fusion piece of duduk and Western music performed on the piano, as well as eastern percussion instruments that ultimately create a very beautiful piece.

Don’t distance yourself  (music)

Don’t distance yourself (music)

Artist: Morteza & Majid Yeganeh rad Album: The other indescribable moment Genre: Folklore Year: 2015   (Persia Digest) - Dour Masho [Don’t distance yourself] is the first track of the album “The other indescribable moment” inspired by Khorasani music and performed with percussion instruments which play the biggest part in this album together with the vocals.

Nima  (music)

Nima (music)

Artist: Ali Samadpour Album: Goosh 1 [Listen 1] Genre: Persian Classic Year: 2003   (Persia Digest) – The piece Nima from the album Goosh 1 [Listen 1], was initially a song based on a poem by Nima Yushij, pioneer of the modern poetry movement in Iran. It was later accompanied with percussion instruments.

Vermiculus  (music)

Vermiculus (music)

Artist: Constantinople Band Album: Clouds Genre: World music Year: 2006   (Persia Digest) – “Vermiculus” is performed by the Iranian-Canadian band “Constantinople”. It is a fusion piece of European music played with “Daf” percussion instrument. Percussion instruments can be combined with music from around the world.

Beats of gypsy  (music)

Beats of gypsy (music)

Artist: Emad Tohidi Album: Beats of gypsy Genre: Instrumental   (Persia Digest) – The album “Beats of gypsy” is by Emad Tohidi, the skilled daf player who familiarizes us with various cultural spaces of percussion instruments.

Ashian-e Dard [Nestling pain]    (music)

Ashian-e Dard [Nestling pain] (music)

Artist: Saeed Bahrami Album: Bezan Baran [Hit O Rain] Genre: Classic Persian Year: 2016   (Persia Digest) – The album Bezan Baran [Hit O Rain] has various pieces in the Persian traditional style, performed with the lute and accompanied by percussion instruments.

Davat [Invitation]   (music)

Davat [Invitation] (music)

Artist: Mehdi Saki Album: Kamakan [Still always] Genre: Fusion Year: 2015   (Persia Digest) - Davat [Invitation] by Mehdi Saki has been composed for percussion instruments. The vocals have also been arranged in a manner as to portray the percussion sound. The rhythmic lyrics in this song are based on the musical rhymes of southern Iran.

Siah  moo (music)

Siah moo (music)

Artist : Ali Zand Vakili Album: Single track Composer: Mohammad Zand Vakili - Faraz Helmi Genre : Fusion Year : 2014   (Persia Digest)-  This is a cheerful piece in which the Iranian singing form and Latin American music form a fusion. Latin American percussion instruments have been combined with the trumpet and piano to create a different atmosphere. Midway through the piece, the ambience changes to an Iranian rhythm with the tonbak and tar instruments and takes the listener into yet another absorbing ambiance.  


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