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Saghi [Cup bearer]   (music)

Saghi [Cup bearer] (music)

Artist: Amir Rahati Album: Sambal [Botch] Genre: Rock Year: 2015   (Persia Digest) – Saghi [cup bearer] is a fusion of the poem by the well-known 14th century Persian poet Hafez with rock music, composed and arranged by Amir Rahati. Combining poems by Hafez with rock music has become very popular among Iranian rock bands.

Kuzeh [The Jar]    (music)

Kuzeh [The Jar] (music)

Artist: Saeed Nayebmohammadi,Aidin Ahmadi Nejad, Homayoun Nasiri Album: Fih ma fih [It is what it is] Genre: Fusion   (Persia Digest) - Fih ma fih(It is what it is) album is a combination of the three instruments of lute, cello, and percussion instruments. Each particular instrument has shaped a particular piece interesting in itself.

Ashian-e Dard [Nestling pain]    (music)

Ashian-e Dard [Nestling pain] (music)

Artist: Saeed Bahrami Album: Bezan Baran [Hit O Rain] Genre: Classic Persian Year: 2016   (Persia Digest) – The album Bezan Baran [Hit O Rain] has various pieces in the Persian traditional style, performed with the lute and accompanied by percussion instruments.

Hayahooye sokout [Fragile silence]   (music)

Hayahooye sokout [Fragile silence] (music)

Artists: Reza Rouhani, Homayoun Nasiri, Dara Daraie Album: Hayahooye sokout [Fragile silence] Genre: Fusion Year: 2008   (Persia Digest) - Hayahooye sokout [Fragile silence] from an album by the same name is a fusion of structure shattering melodies in the Iranian music with their excitement filled ambiance and the accompaniment of piano and tombak. A similar genre can be seen in Greek music played with the lyra.

Didgah-e XVI [The XVI perspective]   (music)

Didgah-e XVI [The XVI perspective] (music)

Artist: Ramin Behna Album: Didgah [Perspective] Genre: Film music Year: 2006   (Persia Digest) – Didgah-e XVI [The XVI perspective] is in fact 26 different perspectives shared by two TV series and a movie which have been gathered together here. The listener must have his own take of such created spaces and create his own unique visions.

Sari Galin    (music)

Sari Galin (music)

Artists: Mahsa Vahdat & Mighty Sam McClain Album: Single Track Genre: Fusion   (Persia Digest) – Sari Galin is an old folk song well-known in Central Asian countries such as Armenia, Azerbaijan, and Iran. It is fused with the blues in this piece and performed with different lyrics. Mahsa Vahdat performs the Persian version of the song. She is known and loved for experiencing the various spaces of fusion music.

Taj Mahal  (music)

Taj Mahal (music)

Artist: Saman Samimi Album: Khiyalfam [Shades of imagination] Genre: Fusion Year: 2017   (Persia Digest) – Taj Mahal from the album Khiyalfam [Shades of imagination] takes us all the way to India on the wings of Persian melodies. It is arranged for orchestration as a piece of fusion music with a special ambiance.

Smells from Childhood   (music)

Smells from Childhood (music)

Artist: Peter Soleimanipour Album: Egosystem Genre: Fusion Year: 2004   (Persia Digest) – The album “Egosystem” by Peter Soleimanipour echoes a range of eastern music, jazz, and the blues. It also incorporates Iranian folk music, and Arabic and Turkish music.

Depth of the voluminous forest   (music)

Depth of the voluminous forest (music)

Artist: Hamid Saeedi Album: Imaginary knots Genre: Fusion Year: 2010   (Persia Digest) – “Depth of the voluminous forest” from the “Imaginary knots” album is an innovative piece of music by Hamid Saeedi who is a composer and plays the dulcimer. The feel of this piece is special to itself.

Alef [Alfa]    (music)

Alef [Alfa] (music)

Artist: Pirooz Bashardoost Album: Janan [The beloved] Genre: Electronic Year: 2016   (Persia Digest) - Alef [Alfa] from the album Janan [The beloved] is a piece of house music composed by Pirooz Bashardoost who has used elements of Iranian folk music to give his work a different color.

The first worship    (music)

The first worship (music)

Artist: Amir Rajabi Album: SMS Genre: Fusion Year: 2016   (Persia Digest) – “The first worship” from the “SMS” album is an instrumental piece composed by Amir Rajabi. The piece does, however, incorporate short singing passages and vocals. But the main theme here is instrumental. This can be classified as fusion music.

Persian Trilogy    (music)

Persian Trilogy (music)

Artist: Behzad Ranjbaran Album: Persian Trilogy Genre: Classical Year: 2005   (Persia Digest) – Three major legends from Ferdowsi’s Book of Kings “Shahnameh” are used to create Behzad Ranjbaran’s work, transformed into an Iranian masterpiece, The Persian Trilogy, by the London Symphony Orchestra; a classical, romantic piece with elements of modern music.


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