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Bar-e Degar Faramooshi [Forgetfulness once again]

Bar-e Degar Faramooshi [Forgetfulness once again]

Artist: Homayoun Shajarian Album: Single Track Composer: Fardin Khalatbari Genre: Film Music - Persian Year: 2008   (Persia Digest) – Bar-e Degar Faramooshi [Forgetfulness once again] is a soundtrack for a film directed by Darius Farhang called “A True Report”. Once again, a mutual project by composer Fardin Khalatbari and prominent vocalist Homayoun Shajarian has produced a delightful soundtrack performed by an orchestra.

Divaneh Tar Shodam [I am even crazier]  (music)

Divaneh Tar Shodam [I am even crazier] (music)

Artist: Parvaz Homay Album: Single Track Genre: Persian Music   (Persia Digest) - Divaneh Tar Shodam [I am even crazier] by Parvaz Homay is a love song where the vocalist has also composed the lyrics. It is an orchestral performance arranged using traditional eastern musical instruments.

Shekar [Hunt]    (music)

Shekar [Hunt] (music)

Artist: Mehdi Saki  Album: Kamakan [Still] Genre: Fusion Year: 2015   (Persia Digest) – “Kamakan” is performed by Mehdi Saki. It is a fusion of music from southern Iran, the Spanish flamenco, and a poem by Molana. Using diverse instruments is a special feature of this piece. The cello and clarinet, alongside percussion instruments from West Asia, and Flamenco instruments such as the cajon and guitar have all been charmingly combined together.

Halva [Saffron sweet]  (music)

Halva [Saffron sweet] (music)

Artist: Dang Show Album: Otagh-e Gooshvareh [Side room] Genre: Fusion Year: 2014   (Persia Digest) – “Halva” by Dang Show Band is a fusion piece with a poem by 13th-century Persian poet Sa’di, using a different type of orchestration for a breath of fresh air. The tonbak percussion instrument in Persian music is usually used as an accompaniment. But, in this piece, other instruments follow the tonbak every time it is played.

Sang Su [Grindstone]     (music)

Sang Su [Grindstone] (music)

Artist: HiSS Band Album: Abaadi Genre: Fusion Year: 2015   (Persia Digest) - Sang Su [Grindstone] is a piece performed by HiSS Band. It is a combination of the Luri dialect, traditional Persian Radif song, and the blues. This gives it an unusual, humoristic ambience of which very little is found in Iranian music

Khamosh Bash[Be Silent]    (music)

Khamosh Bash[Be Silent] (music)

Artist: Homayoun Shajarian Album: Mastoor o Mast [Chastity & Drunkedness (are from the same tribe)] Composer: Jano Baghoumian Genre: Fusion Year: 2015   (Persia Digest)  – The piece “Khamosh Bash - Be Silent” has been composed in a different style by Jano Baghoomian and performed by Homayoun Shajarian, using electronic music and western orchestration.

Sher-e Tar [Damp Poem]   (music)

Sher-e Tar [Damp Poem] (music)

Artist: Shahryar Cohanzad Album: This or That Genre: Fusion Year: 2014   (Persia Digest) - Sher-e Tar (Damp Poem) lyrics are by Hafez, Persian 14th-century poet, Persian vocals, and rock music. It is an innovative piece. Rock is one of the world’s most popular genres of music. A fusion of this genre with Persian music can help the world learn more about music in Iran.

Zemestan [Winter]  (music)

Zemestan [Winter] (music)

Artist: Alireza Ashrafpoor Album: Golku Genre: Fusion Year: 2015   (Persia Digest) - Zemestan [Winter] has been composed for the lyrics of the late poet Mehdi Akhavan-Sales. The Persian music composition has been combined with western music and instruments.

Dar Golestaneh  (music)

Dar Golestaneh (music)

Artist: Farzad Berahman Album: Sib / Mehrabani [Apple / Kindness] Composer: Mehdi Pak Nezhad Genre: Fusion Year: 2013   (Persia Digest) - Dar Golestaneh is a very pleasant arrangement with excellent imaging; the lyrics are a poem by the late poet painter Sohrab Sepehri, whose poetry is more like paintings.  

Dokhtarak [Girlie]   (music)

Dokhtarak [Girlie] (music)

Artist: Damahi Band Album: Damahi Genre: Folk Year: 2015   (Persia Digest) – “Girlie” is sung in a local dialect based on music from the south and southwestern parts of Iran, performed by the Damahi Band who have become well-known for this genre.

In Kist In [Who Is He]   (music)

In Kist In [Who Is He] (music)

Artist: Ali Tafreshi Album: Shabat Khosh Baad Man Raftam (Good Night I Leave You for Now) Genre: Fusion Year: 2015   (Persia Digest) – “Who Is He” is a very Persian mystic song with the lyrics of Molana. Iranian and western instruments alongside one another have created a new sound.

Veiled  (music)

Veiled (music)

Artist: Vas Band Album: Leyli Genre: Fusion Year: 1998   (Persia Digest) – Vas Band was formed when Azam Ali and Greg Ellis came together to work on their fusion music. Azam Ali is an Iranian singer resident in India and highly literate in Indian music. In this piece, a Persian song is performed with Indian music in the new age genre in a rather mystical space.


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