“Shirtology” and the dialogue of old T-shirts

 “Shirtology” and the dialogue of old T-shirts
ID : N-1142 Date : 2018/01/25 - 12:33

(Persia Digest) - “Shirtology” is the name of a play from France which will be on stage at the Fajr International Theater Festival in Tehran. It is a minimalist performance which is presented by using T-shirts with logos, taglines, icons, and images printed on them, revealed one by one to connect with the audience through illustrations and music.

It tries to review parts of history with the actor changing T-shirts displaying slogans, orders, or a sentence as a reminder. These affect the response of the actor who is wearing them, as a dialogue takes place using the T-shirts; this is a dialogue with the audience and the thoughts that go through their minds amid this pile of words and icons, jokes and warnings, written on the T-shirts putting in an appearance at different times during the play.

The idea for “Shirtology” took place in Lisbon in 1997. As of today, the play has gone on stage in numerous festivals, including the one in Edinburgh.

Its director,  Jérôme Bel, is one of the most influential contemporary artists and choreographers. He had previously traveled to Tehran for his lecture “Jérôme Bel by Jérôme Bel” given at the 19th University Theater Festival in Iran. As a trained choreographer, he forgets dance to the point where something new emerges from this forgetfulness. His interest in working with movement and imagery intertwines with concepts such as delicacy and minimalism, creating the magical meeting point of physics and philosophy; of the body and its living process; the process of language and communication with objects (movable and static); a process brought to life by narration or concept; a process that is built up through placing objects (living or lifeless) in space and time.

“Shirtology” will go on stage today, 25 January 2018, at the “Sayeh” hall in “Theatr-e Shahr” complex.


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