10 music performances on first day of festival

10 music performances on first day of festival
ID : N-1021 Date : 2018/01/10 - 10:38

(Persia Digest) - Today, on the first day of the 33rd edition of Fajr International Music Festival, two international, two local performances, two orchestras, and several Iranian music groups will perform.

On the first day of the festival, the Niyavaran Cultural Center hosts an Austrian music group and a joint Iranian Slovenian group. At 18:30 hours, the group “Jazz and the City” with an artful performance by Michael Carr from Austria, and on 21.30 hours the trio “Wild Strings” from Slovenia and Mahyar Tarihi from Iran will go on stage in Niyavaran. On 22:00 hours, the Iranian Conference Center will host Mehdi Jahani.

At Vahdat Hall on 18.30 hours the orchestra “Chakavak” (skylark) led by Reza Shayesteh and on 21:30 hours the music group “No Bang” (new voice) led by Mohsen Hosseini and vocal by Abdul Hossein Mokhtabad will perform.

The Roudaki will host the orchestra “Nilpar” from the Tehran International Festival of Contemporary Music Hall on the first day of the festival at 18:30 hours, and at 21:30 hours the choral group “Tehran Flute” led by Firoozeh Navaee will perform.

The concert by Ali Zand Vakili will go on stage at the Milad Tower at 21:30 hours and this will be the only performance of this year’s festival at Milad Tower.

The group “Nima” led by Fazlollah Dehghan from the province of Mazandaran will perform today at Freedom Tower at 18:30 hours and at 21:30 the group “Dzhee” led by Shahin Shahbazpour from Kurdistan will go on stage.

This year, the 33rd Fajr Music Festival hosts more than 15 music groups from Italy, France, Serbia, Japan, etc.


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