11th International Festival of Cinema Verité

11th International Festival of Cinema Verité
ID : N-807 Date : 2017/12/09 - 19:55

(Persia Digest) – The 11th Cinema Verité film festival will run from 9-16 December 2017 in Tehran with 102 films from 46 participating countries.

In this edition, opening tomorrow, a total of 227 films will be screened in the two national and international categories, with 124 films from Iran and 103 from 46 other countries.

This year, 60 foreign guests mostly influential in documentaries are attending the festival as judges, program director and international network managers, film buyers, distributors, etc.

The documentary films will be screened in different categories. Distributors of documentaries, credible TV stations, and representatives of international film festivals will all be here. Conferences will also be held for the benefit of those interested, as 14 active film distributors are at this year’s edition of Cinema Verité.

The first day will open with 48 movies from Iran and abroad in the various categories of National Competition, Shahid Avini Award, competition, and non-competition. The first movie opening the festival will be “Lady Quds of Iran” screening at 19h15 on Sunday at the Charsu cinema complex theater no 1.

Please refer to www.irandocfest.ir for the festival site, and @cinemaverte for the Telegram channel.

The 11th Cinema Verité will be running at all five theaters at the Charsu cinema complex for the duration.


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