17th Tehran International Puppet Theater Festival

17th Tehran International Puppet Theater Festival
ID : N-2719 Date : 2018/08/23 - 12:50

(Persia Digest) – The 17th Tehran International Puppet Theater Festival has started with the theme of world peace. Families gathered together with their puppets at the Abbas-Abad Cultural Center for their walk in the capital.

Hundreds of children, puppets, and balloons joined the walk as it proceeded to add even more color to the musical festival of giant dolls.

Iranian film director, Marzieh Boroumand, inaugurated the festival, aka Tehran Mobarak Puppet Festival, with the children’s permission by wishing world peace and friendship for all the world’s children.

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She extended her congratulations for the Eid Al Adha, wishing for laughter and joy every day and emphasized that all difficulties could be solved if we joined hands together.

She then invited the audience to watch the plays made for the festival and said everyone can find something to their taste.

The inauguration was coupled with fireworks and music from memorable Iranian puppet shows, such as the “City of Mice”, “Grandma’s house”, “Red had” and more.

When asked what he would ask for if he had a wishing doll, Iran’s Minister of Culture, Seyed Abbas Salehi, said he would wish for a flourishing, free, and safe Iran.

Persia Digest reports that the 17th Tehran Mobarak International Puppet Theater Festival organized by Marzieh Dabiri will run from 23-29 Shahrivar.

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