1st Gifts of nations expo in Niavaran Palace

1st Gifts of nations expo in Niavaran Palace
ID : N-3001 Date : 2018/09/27 - 12:17

(Persia Digest) – On the occasion of World Tourism Day and Tourism Week, Niavaran Palace has staged an exhibition of “Gifts of nations” from a collection of handicrafts, decorative objects, badges, and memorabilia offered to the court of Pahlavi II.

These objects have been brought out of storage at the Niavaran Palace Museum for the first time and placed on show for the public. They are artifacts from the cultures of the Far East, Europe, and America.

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Visitors can attend the exhibition starting on World Tourism Day on 27 September to 5 October 2018 every day during visiting hours (08h00-14h00), at the private palace of Niaravan Complex in Shahid Bahonar (ex-Niavaran) roundabout.

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