1st all-women cast opera since the ‘79 Revolution

1st all-women cast opera since the ‘79 Revolution
ID : N-3807 Date : 2018/12/25 - 10:37

(Persia Digest) – Western classical and Iranian folk music soprano vocalist, Shahla Milani, has announced that “Carmen” will be staged in Iran’s Vahdat Hall for the first time since the Islamic Revolution.

This Spanish opera had been performed in Iran on many occasions before the Revolution. But it was shelved in 1979. The “Avaz-e Mellal” [Song of nations] ensemble is now performing it in Vahdat Hall together with “Shiftegan-e del” [Devotees of the heart] theater company.

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Speaking about the performance, Shahla Milani said: “We have been working on “Carmen” for years now, not as the opera which is being performed, but as a recital.”

She added: “We also have male characters in the opera. But as this is a performance for an all-women’s audience only, we were unable to use men actors. These were replaced by women alto vocalists to play the men’s role. We decided that as men had traditionally played the part of women in plays, this role could be reversed.”

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In answer to the question of whether the women had a diverse enough vocal range to cover all the roles, she said: “Yes. This was easily possible and we were able to cast women altos in the role of men.”

Milani continued: “We have been working on the opera for eight months without a sponsor. I would like to invite all lady entrepreneurs to watch our opera as they may like it and decide to sponsor us.”

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