258 Top Young Performers Festival

258 Top Young Performers Festival
ID : N-334 Date : 2017/09/19 - 13:19

(Persia digest)-  Hopeful days lie ahead for the music of Iran. The 11th Young Performers Festival came to a close last night with the presence of prominent musicians Hossein Alizadeh, Javid Majlesi, Keikhosrow Purnazeri, Ali-Akbar Moradi, Dariush Pirniakan, and Majid Kiani. Top young performers were selected and introduced at the close of ceremonies.

The Young Performers Festival in Iran has always played a huge part in discovering new talent. Following its 11th edition, it is now expected that this targeted path can achieve good results for the music of Iran.

This year, the Festival had three sections in ‘Regional Music’, ‘Traditional Music’, and ‘Classical Music’ and introduced 258 top performers to the country’s music society. Young performers played their music and were critiqued and guided by the masters of Persian music. The large number of young performers prompted Hossein Alizadeh, player of tar and jury member, to acknowledge that never during his fifty years of performance had this many musicians come together anywhere in Iran before to decide the faith of music.

At the closing ceremony last night, Alizadeh said: ‘The Young Performers Festival was the most successful, spiritual, and forward-looking Festival in Iran and, despite all the hardships faced in the world of music, it is unique in the world; it is not an exaggeration to say that this Festival is a miracle.’

Despite the fact that music has never been a cultural priority for the government and there is even not much room for showing musical instruments on television, so much enthusiasm shown by young people in Iran must be taken seriously and planned for to prevent all this talent from being lost.

On the attitude of national media to music, Alizadeh said: ‘Radio and television should talk about music and hold respect for music and musicians. How can some of us talk in a place where musicians are not even allowed to show their instruments. This is the music of Iran which, if performed anywhere, all arms will be laid down.’


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