2nd Fajr Handicrafts Festival Opens

2nd Fajr Handicrafts Festival Opens
ID : N-1117 Date : 2018/01/22 - 13:40

(Persia Digest) – The 2nd Fajr Handicrafts Festival was inaugurated at the Artists Forum yesterday by Bahman Namvar-Mothlagh, Deputy of the Cultural Heritage, Handicrafts and Tourism Organization of Iran.

The Festival will be showcasing the latest works of artisans, introduce young artists, and discover new talents in the field. It is also an opportunity for the artisans to meet their clients directly.

The Fajr Handicrafts Festival is the most important calendar event for handicrafts in Iran and its second edition will showcase 400 selected works.

The works will be judged by a jury and winners announced at the close of ceremonies.

The 2nd Fajr Handicrafts Festival will run from 21-30 January 2018.

Selected artists will be honored on 24 January and ten of them will be awarded the Silver Cedar of the Festival, an honorary certificate, and non-cash prizes.


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