56% Growth in tourists from EU and US to Iran

56% Growth in tourists from EU and US to Iran
ID : N-178 Date : 2017/08/23 - 12:19

(Persia digest)-  European and American tourists are coming more to Iran, with the statistics showing a surge of 56.6% since 2016 till July 2017. The same statistics show a decline in tourists from Iraq and the Persian Gulf states. Following the landmark nuclear agreement (JCPOA) in July 2015, 478 thousand and 826 tourists from western countries, mainly Europe, have visited Iran. Before the agreement, this figure stood at 36 thousand and 825 during the years 2014-2016.

In an interview with ISNA News Agency, the Head of Tourism Planning and Policymaking of the IR of Iran, Abolreza Mohajerinejad said although there has been a drop in people visiting from Iraq and the Persian Gulf states due to economic and political reasons, but there has been a surge in Europeans and Americans visiting Iran from 2016 with a 56.6% increase. A total of four million 911 thousand and 920 guests visited Iran last year. This shows a drop of 5.2% in comparison to 2015, which is due to a 9.9% negative growth of travelers coming here from Iraq and the Persian Gulf states.

He noted that these statistics are provided by immigration police who register travelers at the border based on their types of visas.

Mohajerinejad reminded that only the number of Arab tourists has had a negative growth. But the number of European travelers to Iran has increased with a positive growth. He said if the trend continues, we will surely achieve our target goal for 2026.

According to the World Tourism Organization, every European and American tourist spend at least

USD 1556 on their holidays.


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