A cave as old as the Sassanid

A cave as old as the Sassanid
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(Persia Digest) – The Shapour Cave is an important one in Iran, dating back to before the Sassanid dynasty. Evidence indicates that this must have been used as a religious venue by the inhabitants in the region. It is situated 12kms from Kazeroun in southern Iran.

The cave has been carved in a mountain where the walls leading to the strait are covered in rock-cut reliefs showcasing a piece of Sassanid history.

The cave entrance spans 30 meters at a height of 15 meters. Ten meters into the cave, the statue of Shapour I Sassanid stands seven meters tall at the center. The cave has a fairly flat entrance extending 80 meters towards a precipice. The walls lining both sides have been carved smooth, as if readied for inscriptions or rock reliefs left unfinished. Its large alcoves are bare.

At the end of this space, on the left-hand side, two water reservoirs have been dug in the rocky ground at a distance of half a meter from one another. One is 3x4 and the other is 2x1.5 metres. Both are a meter deep with steps to reach down to the water. The water dripping down from the cave ceiling was collected in these ponds for use.

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The precipice and extending ditch must be crossed and the steep path on the other side climbed up to reach the open area at the end of the cave. A flat area at the end, to the left of the ditch, is man-made and seems to have been used for sacrificial ceremonies. From start to finish, the cave extends around 450 meters.

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