A celebration of Abbas Kiarostami

A celebration of Abbas Kiarostami
ID : N-304 Date : 2017/09/13 - 09:49

(Persia digest)-  The prominent Iranian film director, Abbas Kiarostami was remembered on National Cinema Day in a documentary on his life screened at the Cinema Museum, attended by Iranian artists, and ambassadors and representatives from a number of countries.

The ceremony held on National Cinema Day on 10 September for Kiarostami, the renowned director worldwide, was attended by representatives from the embassies of Finland, Germany, Bulgaria, Spain, Japan, Poland, Thailand, France, South Korea, Turkey, Brazil, Serbia, Italy, Argentina, Lebanon, Armenia, and Iranian artists, such as Morteza Khakhi, Reza Mirkarimi, Jafar Sane’ei-Mohgaddam, Mahi Haghighi, Amir Esfandiari, Behnaz Jafari, Shaghayegh Farahani, and Behzad Dorani.

As reported by ISNA, the documentary ’76 Minutes and 15 Seconds with Abbas Kiarostami’, directed by Seifollah Samadian about his life was shown at the ceremony. Referring to his 30-year old friendship with Kiarostami, Samadian said I quickly realized that Kiarostami became global by thinking nationally.

His Excellency the Italian Ambassador: Kiarostami on par with De Sica and Rossellini

His Excellency Mauro Conciatori spoke about Kiarostami, his awards, and various works: ‘Kiarostami is always said to be on par with Vittorio De Sica and Roberto Rossellini. A number of Iranians also have a place among the neorealist heroes of Italy, such as Khosrow Khorshidi who worked with the great Italian filmmakers of the time and brought his valuable experiences back to Iran.’

He continued by saying that while Kiarostami is admired among his Italian counterparts, he is also a source of inspiration for many of them. For instance, Nanni Moretti dedicated his short film entitled ‘Opening Day of Close Up’ to Kiarostami and compared his work with present-day filmmakers.

French Cultural Attaché: Kiarostami was a genius

Jamel Oubechou, the French Cultural Attaché in Tehran, also spoke at the ceremony and said Kiarostami was a genius without a doubt, not only in the cinema, but also in photography and graphics. He pointed out to an exhibition in the city of Arles in France: ‘The exhibition reviews 38 years of Iranian photography and is scheduled to end with a photo of Abbas Kiarostami and his photography. This is a happy ending to the show and tells us that Kiarostami is still among us.’

Takashi Kamada, Head of the Japan Information and Culture Center at the Japanese Embassy, took the podium next and spoke in Persian in honor of Kiarostami and the Iranian culture: ‘Abbas Kiarostami did not belong only to Iran, but he was a personality respected by many countries familiar with the world of cinema.’ He continued by saying that Kiarostami directed the film ‘Like Someone in Love’ in Japan, but this was not his only presence in this country. He met with the great Japanese director, Akira Kurosawa, who said about Kiarostami ‘words fail to describe how we feel about his films.’

At the close of ceremony, a video was shown about the Marrakech International Film Festival where Martin Scorsese presented the ‘Lifetime Achievement Award’ to Abbas Kiarostami.


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