A roundabout to be named after Jabbar Baghtcheban

A roundabout to be named after Jabbar Baghtcheban
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(Persia Digest) – A book launch of “The life and work of Jabbar Baghtcheban – Founder of children’s theater in Iran” has been held in Tehran.

The book comprises five articles on Baghtcheban and seven of his famous playscripts. It has been published on the occasion of the 100th year of children’s theater in Iran by the Children’s Theater Foundation.

Speaker Akbarlou pointed out at the ceremony that Jabbar Baghtcheban has not been accredited enough in Iran, adding: “We still don’t have a street named after him in Tehran and people are not familiar with his extensive activities.”

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Ardeshir Salehpour also explained: “In talks with the Department of Social and Cultural Affairs of Tehran City Council, it was decided to name a roundabout after Jabbar Baghtcheban and his gravestone will be restored in the style of famous personalities.”

Razieh Gholipour also spoke at the ceremony, saying: “Jabbar Baghtcheban’s outstanding characteristic was his creativity. He believed that the independence and growth of a country depends on its culture, and this could be realized only by training enlightened teachers. When we read his biography, we come across interesting details in those stifling times, like the establishment of a kindergarten for girls in 1919. But a century later, we still have problems with women being allowed into stadiums.”

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Persia Digest (PD) reports that Jabbar Baghtcheban is the father of sign language in Iran. He opened a kindergarten in Tabriz called “Baghtche-ye Atfal” [literally kindergarten], hence his nickname Baghtcheban [gardener] which stayed with him all his life. He also began the Children’s Theater in Iran at a time when education was not widespread in Iran, and educating girls was considered bad. He staged his first play for children by children in Marand in 1919.

Jabbar Baghtcheban died on 25 November 1966.

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