A symbol of religious integration in Tabriz

A symbol of religious integration in Tabriz
ID : N-1141 Date : 2018/01/25 - 12:26

(Persia Digest) – The “Mill Lei” Mosque is a symbol of religious integration in Tabriz and a testament to peace-seeking Iranians from ancient times to the present-day, where followers of different religions have lived side by side.

The Star of David on its portal is the symbol of the Jewish religion alongside symbols for the Sunni and Shia faiths in Islam. Writings indicate that the mosque had two separate altars for Sunnis and Shias, where they could pay their respects to their respective Imams and co-exist peacefully alongside one another in this integrated church in Tabriz.

The mosque building dates back to the Afsharid Period. Based on available evidence, the historic mosque belongs to the rule of Nader Shah Afshar.

The mosque was demolished in 1991 and there is not much information left behind. But, aerial pictures and the remaining portal can help retrieve the plans of the building. Two stone columns and part of the main building has remained behind. Officials are planning to restore and renovate this ancient site.


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