A two centuries old hotel (photos)

A two centuries old hotel  (photos)

(Persia Digest) - The Behrouzi House in Qazvin with a pedigree of 200 years, gifts tourists with a life’s experience in a delightful atmosphere in the Iranian style; this house as the first traditional hotel in Qazvin began its operation on the last day of 2015 and presently is ready to receive guests throughout the year.

Historical houses are windows to Iranian style architecture, arts and culture, and life; in recent years, they have been renovated as traditional hotels and are receiving tourists. The successful implementation of this model can be seen in cities like Borujerd, Kashan, Tabriz, Yazd, and Isfahan where they have been leased to the private sector, while public participation has been attracted for preserving these buildings. The growth of the tourism industry has also helped.

The historical Behrouzi House in Qazvin is located 150 kilometers west of the city of Tehran and is one of the most beautiful examples of these traditional hotels. This house is located at west Bu Ali Street in the city of Qazvin and in the vicinity of the town’s Bazaar in the Shishegarha Mosque Street (glass workers street), that is also known as “Zargar kucheh” (gold workers lane) and was constructed during the reign of the Qajar dynasty (rule 1796-1925) in the Qajari house architectural style and is composed of a main central courtyard and side courtyards, interior courtyard, summer and winter halls and porches fronting the rooms, which are all among characteristics of this historical house.

The main hall of the house is connected to the exterior courtyard through a columned porch, and the house itself is on the two basement and ground floors. Brickworks on the window edges and the latticed windows are among the interesting aspects of this house.

This site was registered in 2006 under registration number 12608 as one of Iran’s national heritage buildings. Last year, by the efforts of the private sector interested in restoring historical buildings, it was renovated and began operations as the first traditional hotel in this province.

Photographer: Amin Rahmati / Hamshahri newspaper


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