Achaemenid palaces will be roofed

Achaemenid palaces will be roofed
ID : N-740 Date : 2017/12/01 - 09:50

(Persia Digest) – Director of the Unesco World Heritage Site based at Pasargadae announced that Achaemenid palaces will be roofed in a joint project with the Italians.

Hamid Fadaei added: “By doing this, parts of the rock reliefs will be safeguarded in a more fundamental manner.

He said that the site intended to roof all the palaces in this complex: “Presently, the roofs have been designed for two important rock reliefs at the private palaces. Other parts will gradually be protected in the same manner.”

He pointed out that this will be carried out in cooperation with an Italian team, and stated: “Solar panels will also be installed on the roof for lighting.”

Fadaei went on to say that plans were in the pipeline for the protection of the “Winged man” and other reliefs in Pasargadae. He added: “Such actions will take time considering the existing sensitivities on the one hand and the financing on the other. The structures are rustproof. They will be made in Italy and installed in Pasargadae.”

The Site Director added: “The roof will have to rest on adobe walls remaining from Achaemenid times and must be completely compatible with these.”

He said a road map was being prepared for crisis management in Pasargadae which is a world registered site, and added: “This is a necessary step and we will take the counsel of site experts for this.”

All protective measures in the Pasargadae complex were signed as a 3-year MoU with the Italian experts; this will be concluded by the year-end.

The Pasargadae World Heritage Site is situated in Fars Province and includes monuments such as the Tomb of Cyrus the Great, Pasargadae royal gardens, Gate palace, a bridge, Gate of all Nations, private palaces, two summer houses, fountains of the royal gardens, Tomb of Cambyses, “Tal Takht” defensive structures, Mozaffari caravanserai, the sacred enclosure, and the Bolaghi Strait.


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