Al-e Ahmad House-Museum

Al-e Ahmad House-Museum
ID : N-249 Date : 2017/09/03 - 11:11

(Persia digest)- These four walls we call houses are not simply safe havens to live in. They take on the scent and color of their occupants with the passage of time, to pass on the impression to anyone who walks in through the doors. Houses have souls. When a door closes forever, the sadness lingers on in the hearts of those who cherish its memories. And how difficult it is to close the door on an empty house where its inhabitants lived and worked with love and passion. The house of Jalal Ale-Ahmad and Simin Daneshvar is such a house where a couple, one an author the other a poet, spent a lifetime laughing and crying while creating their first and last masterpieces. At last, following years of closure after their deaths, the house is being renovated to become a meeting place for literary people.

The house of Simin Daneshvar and Jala Ale-Ahmad has a floor area of 250sqm on two floors. It is going through the process of becoming a home-museum in the near future. The renovation is taking place based on scientific principles applied to the renovation of historical buildings, by preserving their culture and identity. It will be the first home-museum in Tehran’s District 1 and a gathering place for the literary scene.

The house of Jalal Ale-Ahmad and Simin Daneshvar can be found in Araz dead-end in Tehran’s District 1 in the Dezashib area, a short distance from Qods Roundabout. The Cultural Spaces Development of Tehran Faunicipity is in charge of the renovations.


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