Amano visits National Museum of Iran

Amano visits National Museum of Iran
ID : N-551 Date : 2017/10/30 - 19:59

(Persia Digest) IAEA Chief Yukiya Amano who has traveled to Iran had the chance to pay a visit to the National Museum of Iran alongside his meetings with Iranian officials about the JCPOA nuclear agreement.

The visit to the collection of museums, including the Iran Bastan Museum, the Museum of Islamic Art and Archaeology, and the Iran and Armenia – The Memory of a Land exhibition took three hours.

At the Iran Bastan Museum, Amano visited various relics including pottery and animation from “Shahr-e Sukhteh”, artifacts from Susa and Sialk, the Achaemenid Hall, the Penelope Statue, the statue of the Sassanid dignitary, and the Sassanid Hall.

At the Museum of Islamic Art and Archaeology, he visited stuccos from the Seljuk era, golden potteries, the famous paradise altar, the “Massalek al-Mamalek” manuscript and the Persian Gulf map with its name handwritten in the manuscript, blue and white china, and the Koran Hall.

Amano wrote in the Iran Bastan Museum’s signature book: “I am very pleased to find the objects that are similar to those stored in Shosoln Temple. This shows a long standing good relation between Iran and Japan, my country.”

He also wrote in the signature book of the Museum of Islamic Art and Archaeology: “I would very much like to express my great respect for your efforts in preserving these ancient and beautiful works. I am very pleased to learn about the culture of your country.”


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