Arezou Hakimi presents her medals to Shajarian

Arezou Hakimi presents her medals to Shajarian
ID : N-491 Date : 2017/10/22 - 16:20

(Persia Digest) -  After an excellent performance in the Asian Championship, Hakimi presented her four medals at the tournament hosted by China to Mohammad Reza Shajarian, Iran's iconic traditional singer.

Arezou Hakimi, who was present at the London Olympics, won 1 gold medal, 1 silver medal and 2 bronze medals in the calm water kayaking tournament in Asia Championship 2017.

"All Iranians identify Iranian traditional music with Mr. Shajarian. His pleasant voice has filled our entire life day and night, and I personally, meditate with his voice before and after each race. During the Asian Championship in China, where I was under a lot of pressure, I found peace with his great voice and managed to get good results” she told ISNA.

Wishing health for Mr. Shajarian, Hakimi added “The news of Mr. Shajarian's illness hurt all of us and certainly everyone is worried about his health. I hope that he lives a long life so that we can hear his great voice for many years. Before the tournament, I decided to present all my medals in the Asian Championship to Master Shajarian in order to convey the message that even the young generation of Iran has a great respect for him and see themselves next to him. I wish him good health and I hope that he will accept this little gift.


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