The Iranian army’s air force drills kick off

The Iranian army’s air force drills kick off
ID : N-3967 Date : 2019/01/10 - 11:22

(Persia Digest) - The eighth phase of Iran’s Army Air Force exercises started this morning at the Shahid Babaei air base in Isfahan.

Heavy bomber planes including the Sukhoi 24, F-4, F-5, F-7, Mig-29, F-14, HESA Saeqeh fighters, refueling aircrafts of Boeing 747 and 707, logistics and transport aircrafts and various drones equipped with ballistic missiles and smart C130 long-range bombs which were transferred to the air base many days ago are being used in the two operational and main phases of the exercises.

Also present in the air drills are improved domestic made systems and facilities including heavy and semi-heavy smart bombs, and various kinds of   laser, thermal, and radar rockets and bombs manufactured by Iranian experts.

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In addition to the Shahid Babaei air base, air bases of other major cities, including Mehrabad in Tehran, Nojeh in Hamedan and Shahid Doran in Shiraz, are participating in the exercise.

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Other strong points of the drills, displaying a part of combat power of the Iranian army’s air force, are using increased fire power and accuracy in hitting mobile and fixed targets in the air or on the ground as well as using ballistic and standoff missiles with high destructive power.

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