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Zarif to Trump: Never threaten an Iranian


Iran’s top diplomat tweeted at Trump, emphasizing: “Try respect—it works!”

Russia will not take Iran’s side as tensions rise


A Russian affairs analyst in Iran believes: “The main addressees of Putin’s recent speech were Europe and the US. But, Russia will not take Iran’s side as tensions rise and, essentially, it is not in a position to help Iran.”

An Iranian hematologist under arrest in the US


Eight months have passed since the illegal arrest of an Iranian professor in the US. But no official announcement has yet been made by the US government.

Campaign against war on Iran launched in the UK


The UK’s largest anti-war coalition has started an online petition to prevent increasing tensions in the Persian Gulf and a US military conflict with Iran.

Iran responds to US evacuation of embassy staff from Iraq


Iran’s representative at the UN has responded to US allegations against Iran and the partial evacuation of its embassy staff from Iraq.

The Fujairah incident was good chance for Rouhani, Trump talks


An international relations analyst in Tehran believes: “The Fujairah incident was a good chance for the presidents of Iran and the US to establish contact, condemn the incident, and identify the perpetrators by launching an investigation.”


Historic place of worship in northwestern Iran


The Chapel of Dzordzor, located near Baron Village in the vicinity of Maku is submerged in beautiful silence. The building overlooks a valley through which Zangi Mar River flows. It also holds legends and myths at its heart. The original name of the chapel is the 'Holy Mary' but it has come to be known as Dzordzor church the beautiful scenic landscapes of which have made it one of the most unique buildings in Iran.

Shared tourism for Iran and neighboring countries


The Iranian Tour Operators Association Deputy has highlighted that an increasing number of tours are bringing visitors with special interests to Iran, adding: “The age range for tourists visiting Iran is changing.”

Chinese tour operators introduced to tourist attractions in Iran


The tourism industry in Iran has focused on attracting Chinese visitors to this country by organizing special tours for its operators to introduce them to the attractions of Iran.

Iranian Police to allow construction of hostels to attract tourists


The Iranian Police has decided to issue permits to some hotels and inns to build hostels in order to attract tourists despite the fact that hostels have been banned in Iran so far.

Splendid Iranian garden placed between 2 deserts


The Golshan Garden is situated on one of the main streets of the city of Tabas in eastern Iran. The location of the garden between the two Lut and Dasht-e Kavir deserts is more like a miracle.

The 7th Citrus Aurantium Festival in Langarud


The 7th Citrus Aurantium Festival has been held in Langarud, northern Iran. The festival aims to raise awareness about the medicinal properties of bitter orange or Citrus Aurantium, attract tourists, promote local traditions, and introduce the capacities of Guilan Province.



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Supreme Leader concerned about erosion of the Persian language


At a meeting with a group of Persian language and literature teachers and young and pioneering poets, The Supreme Leader of Iran said: “I am truly concerned about the Persian language and its erosion as a whole.”

Zarif to Trump: Never threaten an Iranian


Iran’s top diplomat tweeted at Trump, emphasizing: “Try respect—it works!”

Iran is the third producer of honey in the world


The Deputy Minister of Iran’s Agricultural Jihad has said: “Iran is the world’s third producer of honey in the world with an annual production of 90 thousand tons per year.”

Girl footballers suspended in Iran for fighting in a match


The Football Federation of Iran Disciplinary Committee has suspended five girl players and a coach until further notice for fighting in a match.

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