Ashkanid Lamé fabric for Germania

Ashkanid Lamé fabric for Germania
ID : N-149 Date : 2017/08/20 - 14:40

(Persia Digest)- The oldest lamé fabric woven in Persia belongs to the Ashkanid Period and was sent to Germania to cover the coffin of its King.

According to the PR of Cultural Heritage Research Organization, its head of weaving workshop, Mr Dehgani, has said that fabric tapestry in Iran dates back to 2500 years ago and exquisite Persian fabrics are mentioned by Greek historians in length in their books.

He said that two people work together in traditional lamé weaving, one as an apprentice who sits at the top of the loom and reads the pattern and a second person who weaves it. Dehghani continued by saying as the materials were pricy and the weave rather difficult, the art has been slowly waning in contemporary times and only ten artisans still work in this field in Iran.

He emphasized that if the art is not supported, we will witness its complete disappearance. Traditionally, these workshops were run by the state and a permanent representative of the ruler of the time was always present in the workshop to oversee production.

He said preserving and promoting old weaving styles by teaching the art to new artisans was one of the lamé and velvet weaving workshop’s missions.


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