Assad: We approve Iranian military base in Syria

Assad: We approve Iranian military base in Syria
ID : N-1947 Date : 2018/06/14 - 21:35

(Persia Digest) – The Syrian President has said his country has strategic ties with Iran and confirmed that he will travel to Iran soon.

Bashar Al Assad told Al Alam news network: “Relations between Iran and Syria are not up for sale and no one must even try to put a price on it.”

He added: “At the start of war in Syria, Saudi Arabia proposed that we cut ties with Iran for conditions to return to normal in our country. This principle is redundant in our view.”

Bashar Al Assad also rejected that Iran had a military presence in Syria, saying: “When we say Iran has an advisory presence in Syria on a military level, we use advisor in its conventional sense. Iranian advisors are present in Syria, because Syria has long-standing relations with Iran, even before the war, and the two sides have strong military ties.”

He reiterated: “Iran is fighting in Syria and defending the Syrian people. They have given blood here. Hence, when we say Iranian advisors, we mean it in its conventional sense.”

The Syrian President continued by saying: “If Iran decides to establish a military base in Syria, Damascus will approve it. We want Iranian forces here to defend Syria. But, Iran has not made such a request and thought it expedient to only target terrorists.”

He added: “Establishing airbases to defend the Syrian army is a necessity and we need Iranian military bases in Syria.”

The Syrian President concluded: “I have been getting ready to travel to Iran for the past few months. But I have postponed my trip due to the special circumstances in Syria. It has not been cancelled. I will definitely travel to Iran and nothing can stop this.”

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