Attar Neyshaburi seminar

Attar Neyshaburi  seminar
ID : N-927 Date : 2017/12/30 - 11:44

(Persia Digest) – The first “Farid-e-Din Attar Neyshaburi: Life and work” seminar will be held in April 2018 on the national day for Attar.

In an academic cooperation between the Islamic Studies Institute of the University of Tehran and McGill University, a series of international seminars entitled “The Persian language and Iranian thought” are being held.

“Farid-e-Din Attar Neyshaburi: Life and work” is the first of such seminars to be held in April 2018.

The deadline for professors and researchers of the Persian language to submit their paper is 20 January 2018. Results will be announced on 11 March.

Topics include researching Attar’s life, the study of his standing among other mystics, his literary stance, studying the stylistic and aesthetic aspects of his works, his philosophy and mysticism, the staging potential of his works, interdisciplinary studies of his works, the reflection of his works in children’s literature, the linguistic aspects of Attar's works, introducing his manuscripts, and the study of his works from the perspective of other sciences and techniques.

Farid-e-Din Attar Neyshaburi is a 7th-century mystic Persian poet. Many of his books and collection of works have remained behind, such as “Asrar-nameh” [Book of mysteries], “Elahi-nameh” [Divine book], “Mantegh al-Teir” [Discussion of birds], and “Mosibat-nameh” [Book of misadventures].


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