Australia seeking more cooperation with Iran in ports

Australia seeking more cooperation with Iran in ports
ID : N-3933 Date : 2019/01/08 - 11:32

(Persia Digest) – The Australian Ambassador to Iran voiced Canberra’s readiness to promote bilateral cooperation with Tehran in port and marine activities.

Speaking Monday evening during a tour of Shahid Rajaei Port, Iran’s largest commercial port, Ian Biggs said: “Regarding the existing potentials of this region, Australia is willing to expand its maritime trade exchanges with Iran.”

He added that the objective of his visit to Hormuzgan Province is to closely visit provincial trade potentials, marine industries and its free trade zones.

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He noted that this part of Iran has huge potentials for bilateral cooperation between the two countries and can play an influential role in facilitating trade relations between the two capitals.

Meanwhile, on the sidelines of the Biggs visit, the general manager of Hormuzgan’s ports and shipping organization briefed the Australian diplomat on the latest operational achievements, capabilities and capacities of the Shahid Rajaei Port.

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Afifipur said that the port is connected to 80 international ports. He added: “Presently, the third phase of the container terminal development project of Shahid Rajaei Port is underway. It will increase the capacity of Iran’s largest port to 8 million TEU within the next three years.”

Afifipur added: “With its annual capacity of loading-unloading over 100-million-ton of various oil and non-oil products, the port is one of the main places for mineral exports in the region and has so far moved 20 million tons of mineral materials per year as a major achievement.

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