Austrian Ambassador underlines economic ties with Iran

Austrian Ambassador underlines economic ties with Iran
ID : N-3591 Date : 2018/12/02 - 14:55

(Persia Digest) – At a meeting with the Governor of Hamedan Province, the Austrian Ambassador stated: “Austria currently has the rotating presidency of the Europe Union and we are determined to have strong ties with Iran.”

Stefan Shultz pointed to the 700-year old Iran-Austria ties and said his presence in Hamedan was aimed at starting collaboration in various sectors, such as tourism, industry, culture, agriculture, and the economy.

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He reiterated: “We are now interested in expanding our ties further, based on the economy and investment in various sectors.”

The Austrian Ambassador to Tehran continued: “Iran is one of the world’s safest countries. This has also been announced by a credible British research institute.”

He added: “We intend to focus on the tourism and services industries at this meeting in order to expand ties between Hamedan and Austria.”

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Speaking about setting up enterprises in these sectors, the Austrian Ambassador went on to emphasize: “Currently, 97 percent of economic enterprises in Austria is made up of SMEs in the tourism sector.”

He also welcomed collaboration in agriculture, and renewable energies in particular, saying: “Previously, a Bulgarian company under Austrian management has worked in renewable energies in Hamedan and we intend to develop this activity.”

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