Aydin Aghdashloo, age 77, painting 63 years

Aydin Aghdashloo, age 77, painting 63 years
ID : N-555 Date : 2017/10/31 - 14:35

(Persia Digest) - Aydin Aghdashloo’s 77th birthday was celebrated yesterday, 30 November, at the 23rd Press Expo in Tehran.

At her birthday, Iran’s contemporary painter spoke about the theme of her paintings: “In the 63 years that I have painted and sold my works, the main theme has always been to fight oblivion. My main objective in reconstructing old art was to fight oblivion. I think this was an important duty that I undertook.”

Aydin Aghdashloo is a modern Iranian artist. Her paintings, displaying thoughts of death and gradual perdition, as well as the recreation of classical works in a modern manner, have come to be known as surreal.

Up until 2014, Aghdashloo had only staged one solo exhibition in Iran. The November 2014 exhibition was at Assar Gallery in Tehran and was fabulously welcomed by people, so much so that the police had to interfere to keep order in the queues. Previously, her only solo exhibition had been at the Iran-America Cultural Centre in 1975. Aghdashloo states her reason for not holding exhibitions as the lack of new discoveries by herself, for she believes that an art exhibition should take place “when the artist invites people to see her new discovery."


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