“BIGMOUTH” by Valentijn Dhaenens

“BIGMOUTH” by Valentijn Dhaenens
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(Persia Digest) - “Bigmouth” by Valentijn Dhaenens, Belgian actor, is on stage at the Fajr International Theater Festival.

“Bigmouth” has been written and directed by Valentijn Dhaenens, and is a solo performance by this Belgian actor.

The performance uses parts of famous – and not so famous – speeches impacting history, showing that not much has changed over the past 2500 years. Although absolute truth does not exist, this same inexistent truth is but a beautiful lie for the seekers of power; or in simpler words, for those who only want the hands of their lover. In the years since its production, “Bigmouth” has had a global reception and been on stage at various festivals, such as the 2014 Edinburgh Festival.

As per the program announced, “Bigmouth” will be on stage at the Nazerzadeh Theater in Iranshahr St from 20-23 January 2018 inclusive. Doors will close at 17h00 and the performance is 90 minutes long.

The 36th Fajr International Theater Festival will run from 18-29 January.


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AnswerHey! I am currently travelling through Iran and I would like to attend the Fajr Theatre Festival. Can you send me the link to the programme and the timetable of the festival? Thank you!

Thank you for your comment.

Here's the link



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