“Baba Taher Millennium” in Hamedan

“Baba Taher Millennium” in Hamedan
ID : N-911 Date : 2017/12/26 - 14:41

(Persia Digest) – The “Baba Taher Millennium” seminar will be held in Hamedan 25-27 February 2018 as announced by a Faculty Member of the Literature Department of Bu-Ali Sina University.

The seminar is taking place in association with the Cultural and Islamic Guidance Department of Hamedan Province at the University, where papers and posters will be submitted. To date, 25 papers have been submitted and more is expected by the end of the deadline on 5 January 2018.

Not much biographical information remains on the life of Baba Taher. But from what is available, we know that he was an 11-th century Sufi poet who lived in Hamedan, Iran. He had followers throughout the Islamic world and had met with the Seljuk dynasty founder, Tughril Beg (1016-1063).

Baba Taher, also known as Baba Taher Oryan, is a Persian Sufi poet of rhyming couplets. Baba was a title given to pious adherents. He was nicknamed oryan [bare] for his renouncement of the mundane. Baba Taher of Hamedan was a mystic poet who lived in oblivion, leaving behind no information about himself.


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