Bach at Rudaki Hall

Bach at Rudaki Hall
ID : N-173 Date : 2017/08/22 - 16:25

(Persia digest)-  According to Mehr News Agency, Tehran Inter-Orchestra will be playing Bach’s religious music ‘Love and nothing else’, directed by Nader Mashayekhi, at Rudaki Hall for the first time in Tehran on 24 August. The event has been organized by the Guidance Ministry’s music office and the Tehran Inter-Orchestra, who will be playing the 18th century music that has artistic-religious elements in common with Iranian music in terms of content and timeline.

Director and composer, Nader Mashayekhi, spoke about the project and said: ‘We have been working on three factors in this project. First, Bach's involvement during the baroque period in spiritual matters and transferring it to the audience through his music; in this case, Bach is not the composer of notes, but a composer of ideas. Secondly, we have worked on how to transfer religious and moral concepts through emotions in Iran; and thirdly, similarities between Iranian and baroque figured bass music. In traditional monodies the vocalist sings about one of the innocents. But, even where there are no lyrics, the music is still played in its own style; this is the common space we are working on with baroque music.

Inter-Orchestra is a private orchestra with over 80 musicians and chorus members. The first of their Bach religious concerts will begin at 21hr00 on 24 August, with a bricolage of Bach’s religious music singing and pieces by Nader Mashayekhi with the Chironomy method of conducting, and the narrative and text of Mohammad Saleh Ala.


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