Baghcheban father of the deaf

Baghcheban father of the deaf
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(Persia Digest) Jabbar Baghcheban is known as the father of the deaf and hard-of-hearing in Iran. He is the founder of the first school for the deaf in Iran, which he established in the city of Tabriz and called it “Baghche-ye Atfal” [The children’s garden], and thus became known as “Bagcheban” [gardener]. He passed away in 1966.

Despite all the opposition, he managed to set up a school for the deaf in Tabriz in 1924. He has written numerous books for children. He began printing these with his own drawings in 1928 regardless of all the widespread challenges and hardships he faced with the job. One of these books is called “Baba Barfi” [snowman], which was printed by the Institute for the Intellectual Development of Children and Young Adults. This was selected as Best Book by the World Book Council.

Baghcheban came to Tehran in 1933 and established his school for the deaf and hard-of-hearing in the capital. In 1943, he founded the deaf children’s support group and in 1944 released the first publication for them entitled “Zaban” [language].

His most important scientific work for deaf and hard-of-hearing children include the publication of comic books, children’s plays, educating deaf-mute children, the Baghcheban manual alphabet, the first kindergarten in Shiraz, writing the first play for the children of Iran, inventing the bone conducting headset, educating deaf people through oral language, mental arithmetic, and a tool to show the ocean terrain to children.

His most important titles are “Easy Alphabet”, “Sign Language”, “Baba Barfi” and many more books for children.

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