Baluchistan aquaculture paradise

Baluchistan aquaculture paradise
ID : N-506 Date : 2017/10/24 - 10:58

(Persia Digest) – The Deputy Director of Aquaculture in Sistan and Baluchestan has announced that 20 sites with an overall area of 42 thousand hectares have been identified in this province for rearing shrimps.

In an interview with ISNA News Agency, Deputy Miran Sedaghati added that the shores of Sistan and Baluchistan is the aquaculture paradise of Iran for its proximity to the Equatorial line and its temperate climate over eight months of the year suitable for rearing shrimps.

He stated: “High numbers of farms and land suitable for shrimp rearing in Chabahar require government efforts and special attention from investors. Experts have advised that this can be a very financially viable business in this area and the return of capital will happen over a short period of time.”

According to Sedaghati, the shrimp farming site in Guatre in Chabahar Province is presently prevalent in 2850 usable area of land in an area of 4000 hectares. This includes 107 farms of 20 hectares each and six farms of 200 hectares each.

He added: “Seven investors have begun 26 shrimp farms of over 700 hectares in Guatre, showing a three-fold growth in the area under cultivation.”

Sedaghati went on to say that shrimp farming capacities in Chabahar are far greater and require the special attention of investors in this area. The government must also provide the infrastructure for other identified sites.

He went on to say it had been planned for over 1000 hectares to be farmed in the current year. But, this had to be reduced due to a lack of liquidity and working capital, and an aging power grid.

He reiterated: “Over 1200 tons of shrimp has been produced in Guatre this year, over 90% of which has been exported to the UAE, Russia, and Europe and the rest has been used for domestic consumption.


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