Bam Citadel main gate installed

Bam Citadel main gate installed
ID : N-919 Date : 2017/12/27 - 18:56

(Persia Digest) – The Head of the Unesco World Heritage Centre at Bam Citadel and Cultural Landscape has announced: “On the 14th anniversary of the Bam earthquake, the main memorable wooden gate of the Citadel was installed today (Wednesday 27 December 2017) and unveiled by high ranking officials.

Afshin Ebrahimi added: “The Bam Citadel and Cultural Landscape was registered by Unesco in 2004 in an area of 23 thousand hectares, encompassing cultural sites, aqueducts, palm groves, and historic sites. The Bam Citadel itself only takes up 19 hectares of this entire area.”

Ebrahimi stated: “The Citadel wall is repaired once every four years. This is not a complete renovation, but parts damaged due to wear and tear are repaired. All three gates of the Citadel have also undergone repairs.”

He went on to say: “The main wooden gate remembered so affectionately by people has been replicated exactly like the old one which was destroyed in the earthquake.”

He emphasized: “The damaged citadel has been reconstructed in exactly the same manner, including its bazaar, tekiye, stables, barracks, mosques, temple, the government seat and residence, and a number of aristocratic homes, such as the Sistani House.”

As reported by Persia Digest, the Bam Citadel was the world’s largest adobe architecture in the world, situated in the city of Bam, in Kerman Province, southeastern Iran.

“The Bam Citadel and Cultural Landscape” is a Unesco registered site. This massive citadel along the Silk Road was constructed in the 5th century BCE and was still in use up until 1850 CE.

On 26 December 2003, a deadly, massive earthquake shook Bam and the surrounding areas, destroying over 80% of its ancient citadel. This has now been reconstructed and renovated.


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