Billion dollar foreign investment in Iran tourism

Billion dollar foreign investment in Iran tourism
ID : N-1039 Date : 2018/01/13 - 11:29

(Persia Digest) - Deputy Director for Planning and Investment of Iran National Heritage Organization said: “During the past five years, we have been able to have one billion dollars of foreign investment in Iran’s tourism industry for approved projects. From this amount, 300 million dollars have so far been absorbed in Iran’s tourism sector and the remaining is in the process of being invested.”

Saeed Ohadi stated: “As expected, in the period after the JCPOA agreement was reached, we have witnessed a major development in Iran’s tourism industry, and foreign investors have welcomed the opportunity to invest in this sector”.

He added: “Global enthusiasm toward the attractions of our country’s historical, natural sites and even our handicrafts have created a high level of capacity in Iran’s tourism industry. With regard to tourist attractions worldwide, we are placed at 10 in the rankings of the countries of the world; however, with regard to infrastructures we are ranked at 116 and this indicates that we should carry out serious work in this sector.”

Ohadi added: “Our country’s laws with regard to attracting investment is a progressive law and there are few countries in the world which like us would assume all the risks for foreign investors. In this regard, however, there is a basic problem and that is the high and at the same time misleading price of land.”

He said: “We should work with the municipalities and city councils to reach an approval so that we can solve this problem of high priced land.”

Ohadi emphasized: “We should move toward a direction whereby we can obtain necessary approvals to solve the problem of land needed to develop tourism; if we are able to resolve this issue, the powerful investors from countries such as Qatar, Oman, Germany, France, and Turkey have already announced their readiness to invest in the fundamental infrastructures of Iran’s tourism industry, such as Kuwaiti investors who are already building hotels in the city of Mashhad.”


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