Buried Achaemenid city discovered in Khorasan

Buried Achaemenid city discovered in Khorasan
ID : N-608 Date : 2017/11/07 - 10:25

(Persia Digest) – In excavations being carried out at the Rivi historical site in northern Khorasan Province, archaeologists have discovered parts of a hall displaying columns in a large adobe building belonging to Achaemenid times.

As reported by Miras-e Aria News Agency, the CEO of the Cultural, Handicrafts and Tourism Organization of northern Khorasan, Mohammad Suydanluei, made the announcement and added: “The Rivi historic site is just outside Najaf village close to Maneh and Samalghan town in northwestern Khorasan Province. Excavations began here in 2012, leading to the discovery of a town from Achaemenid times.

He continued: “The importance of Rivi lies in its expansion to over 110 hectares and it seems to have been an important location in the Northwest of the Empire. The excavations in Rivi have also found architectural remains and artifacts from the Ashkanid and Sassanid eras, indicating a continued settlement here after the Achaemenid era.”

Suydanluei said: “These excavations are a joint project between Iran and the German Archaeological Institute (DAI) which began in 2015.”

He went on to explain that the finds in Rivi reveal a very important part of the Persian Empire’s history in the northwestern territories, increasing our knowledge of the area and its identity, raising awareness, and attracting more tourists to this historic place.


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