CNN report on the Nazeris

CNN report on the Nazeris
ID : N-941 Date : 2017/12/31 - 19:46

(Persia Digest) – CNN has reported on “How an Iranian musician took ancient Persian lyrics to the top in the US”, talking about Shahram and Hafez Nazeri.

As reported by ILNA News Agency, CNN has interviewed Hafez Nazeri and he has given explanations on the music he performs with his father.

In part of the interview, Hafez Nazeri says: “I was made to change everything I do; I want to bring change to everything. I have always been myself and have always wanted to have my own style in my music and performance. I don’t imitate anyone.”

I left Iran at the age of 19, just after a big performance in Tehran. I wanted to learn more and needed more experience and exposure to a different world. I left Iran hoping to compose music for the world; a music that can portray a different dimension of my country and culture.

After pointing briefly to the "Unspoken" album by Shahram Nazeri, he says: “His voice is amazing. His style and voice are unique.”



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