China state TV hails Iranian culture, arts

China state TV hails Iranian culture, arts
ID : N-3746 Date : 2018/12/18 - 12:55

(Persia Digest) – The state TV of China has hailed Iranian culture and arts broadcasting a program about its attractions and describing them unique in the world.

The 30-minute program, aired by China’s tourism network, showed artistic and cultural beauties of historical and ancient buildings in the Iranian cities.

During the program, two China-based Iranian musicians also played a several classical music pieces with traditional Iranian instruments. One of the Iranian diplomats in China also presented his art of calligraphy during the program.

Hassan Shahbeig, Iran’s charge d’affaires, also introduced Iranian traditional and cultural artworks including Iranian hand-woven carpets.

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He said that carpet waving is an ancient art in Iran and the life of the Iranians is intertwined with this art so that there are few houses in the country with no carpets in it.

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Shahbeig also referred to Persepolis, Si-o-seh pol, Pol-e Khajou, Naqsh-e Jahan Square and historical houses in the city of Yazd as another examples of Iran’s tourist attractions.

The Chinese experts and guests present in the program also talked about personal experiences they have had during their past visits to Iran expressing satisfaction over becoming familiar with the country’s ancient cultural and artistic beauties and attractions.

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