Contemporary Iranian music photos

Contemporary Iranian music photos
ID : N-886 Date : 2017/12/23 - 11:26

(Persia Digest) Maryam Zandi is a photographer who has already published a number of books on Iranian artists and authors. On 23 December 2017, she inaugurated a photo exhibition entitled “Faces of Contemporary Iranian Music” alongside the launch of her new book “Portraits 5”.

Her exhibition is taking place at the Ivan Gallery in Tehran. The inauguration included live music by an all-women band. Her photography book is in black and white.

The book includes photos taken by Zandi from 2001 to 2017 of Iranian musicians, some of whom have passed away. The pictures include those of Kayhan Kalhor, Shahram Nazeri, and Mohammd-Reza Shajarian, among other men and women musicians of Iran.

Maryam Zandi’s works include collections of her pictures as follows:

  • 1983 Turkman and the desert
  • 1993 Portraits (1) A Portfolio of Iranian Literati 
  • 1995 Portraits (2) A Portfolio of Iranian Artists 
  • 1997 Portraits (3) A Portfolio of Iranian Film and Theater Celebrities 
  • 2001 Akkashi (Poto Paints) with E.Haghighi.
  • 2004 Portraits (4) A Portfolio of Iranian Literati Vol. 2
  • 2006 Iran! my beloved flower! 
  • 2007 Portraits of The Book of Iranian Architects
  • 2008 Blue with Red line
  • 2014 The Revolution of IRAN 79 (photo collection), Black and white
  • Since 2000: Calendars and Postcards in various themes

In her exhibition statement, Zandi wrote: “I know some faces are missing. Sadly, I was unable to photograph some artists to make this a more complete collection. Some have passed away without seeing the book. Perhaps a little smile would have adorned their faces…! When I look at the pictures of these at times unparalleled devotees who have posed so genuinely in my photos, I feel humbled…”


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