Cooking Tour for Persian dishes

Cooking Tour for Persian dishes
ID : N-123 Date : 2017/08/16 - 16:52

(Persia digest)- Two young girls by the names of Shirin Tahanan and Matin Lashkari are the initiators of a delicious cooking tour in Tehran. Shirin cooks and Matin organizes the tour.

Shirin has been cooking and baking for nearly five years. Her cooking classes are for Iranians, as they enjoy eating foods from different countries. But her cooking tours are exclusively for tourists and familiarizing them with Iranian dishes and culture.

Matin was a travel blogger and wrote about her journeys. She met Shirin on Instagram fortuitously. As a result of a girl cooking and a girl touring, the ‘Cooking Tour’ was born.

Matin says some tourists found out about the tour through my weblog. They told their friends about it and that is how we found global fame. She explains that most of the visitors come from Europe, Oceania, Australia, New Zealand, and Switzerland. A few are also from the Asian Continent.

They start their day by meeting their guests in Tajrish Square at 9 am and begin their shopping. They buy all the fresh ingredients themselves and introduce various vegetables, pickles, nuts, cakes and sweets, and spices. Once the shopping is done, they take everything to the kitchen and start making a delicious dish in a relaxed, friendly atmosphere. To top a lovely day learning about Iranian culture and food, the food is served once it is cooked.


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